A freelance content writer and marketing consultant 


I am Jyostna Dey, a  freelance content writer and digital marketing consultant from Delhi.

 I am a social media expert and marketing educator and I also, provide freelance content writing and digital marketing services.

 My passion as a digital marketing consultant is to help entrepreneurs; small business, start-ups and other relevant clients to generate more leads, sales, and building brand equity by further guiding them to reach a wider audience.

Education – I am a post-graduate in M.A Political Science from Ramjas College, Delhi University, a content writer and digital marketer.

Objective- I believe that attempt is necessary over perfectionism, here my sole motto is to write unique web content.

The prime motive here is to provide adequate customer services and help my clients; to understand different digital and social media marketing techniques by creating effective strategies.


As a social media growth expert my primary focus will be :

  1. Content marketing
  2. Content creation
  3. Selling online products in a competitive market.


The vision of escritorj:

Welcome to my site escritorj, it is my freelance website. The aim is to write quality and useful content, with an idea to boost your business and make your online position stronger.

Working strategically; by understanding “what buyers want” by keeping in view their resources and time.

Introducing; your brand to the target audience by building trust and loyalty.

I also, help in initiating changes to expanding resources; by utilising various social media tools of SEO, email marketing to achieve higher revenue.

While making strategies and critical analysis to following up with the objective in the right direction.

Crafting a distinctive identity of your brand in the targeted consumer’s mind; which will differentiate it in the competitive market.

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