Review Of Ect: The Best Digital Marketing Course

ECT( Education and Career Times) is delivering one of the best digital marketing course in India; 

Imparting excellent digital marketing training.

It is one of the leading digital marketing agency, providing outstanding services such as affiliate marketing, SEO(search engine optimization), SMO(social media optimization), pay per click(PPC) and email marketing etc.

ECT has trained many members from the top most multinational management; all over the world.

Who can join Ect?

The best part of this institution is that it is not age-restricted; participants from all age categories or educational background can be a part of this esteemed institution.

It helps in enhancing skills and incorporate required corporate knowledge to gain success in this field.

What is Ect all About!


Ect started in 2010; It developed as a career blog, intending to cater relevant knowledge in choosing the correct career.

With time it evolved as a training agency, which is a government recognised.

In 2018, it initiated its first batch; till now, it is running with 55 batches.

Over the years, it has delivered outstanding results to its clients; they are a globally acclaimed agency that ranks in top position in providing digital marketing services all over India.

It works in a way that helps in enhancing your revenue and the company name in a competitive market. They focus on the quality of work.

It engages well with its targeted audiences, which resonate with its brand and has worked with many prominent clients like Tech Mahindra, OYO, ONGC, and Exide Life Insurance.


What Makes Ect the best institute for digital marketing in India?

As already stated that Ect is an exclusive government recognised institution; providing the best digital marketing course in 2021.

Each student is given individual consideration, and classes are conducted in small batches to maintain the training quality.

So that Individual monitoring on students progress can be done.

Above all, what’s great is that you get trained by the founder & Ceo of the company, Mr Saket Singh. Who is a great instructor having excellence in this field.

Moreover, you get constant support from the top-notch faculty.

As you progress towards completion of the course, you get to work with real clients in live projects;

which gives you real-life experience of working in the corporate sector.

Last but not least, guess what? You get paid partnership opportunity.


Why Join Ect? over other institution:

If you are planning to become a professional digital marketer and social media specialist

and also want to pursue your job then Ect is the right place for you.

Etc ranks as one of the best digital marketing institutes in India. You get to learn the basics of digital marketing from scratch.

Join Etc and become a certified expert and professional marketer in just three months.

The projects that you would entrust with; will not only help you in building and nurture new skill;

but it will aid in creating your portfolio.

If you aspire to become a digital marketer, you will get the proper training and exposure from Ect.

What is unique about it?

What makes it an incredible platform is that you don’t need to have a marketing background or MBA degree; neither need to be from the commerce field.

A business owner, a college student, an official or an entrepreneur can join this reputed agency.




What To Expect From ECT Digital Marketing Package?


Ect is a Government recognised startup company, providing 32 modules of Digital Marketing.

The most fascinating; fact about it is that even from a beginner or newbie to a professional entrepreneur can enrol here; to enhance their marketing skills for a better prospect.

Etc is one of the best institutes for digital marketing in India, covering all the significant curriculum; of marketing.

You are getting a good digital marketing course that too at an affordable rate.

Module1: Introducing to Digital Marketing

Module2: Learn key terms associated with Digital marketing

Module3: Website creation

Module4: Learning WordPress

Module5: Implementing Designing

Module6: Content creation

Module7: Keyword research and analytics

Module8: SEO

Module9: SEO in e-commerce

Module10: Local SEO

Module11: Technical SEO

Module12: Google Search console

Module13: Google Analytics

Module14: Advertising

Module15: Display Ads

Module16: Shopping Module

Module17: Video Ads

Module18: Mobile app marketing

Module19: Social media optimization

Module20: Facebook Marketing

Module21: Insta Marketing

Module22: Youtube Marketing

Module23: Linkedin Marketing

Module24: Twitter Marketing

Module25: Pinterest Marketing

Module26: Email Marketing

Module 27: Affiliate Marketing

Module28: Quro Marketing

Module29: Google Adsense

Module30: Content Marketing

Module31: Tools for Digital Marketing

Module32: Monetizing Digital Marketing Skills


Three Strategies Of Initiating Digital Marketing Course:

Ect conducts digital marketing course in three different strategic levels:

1.  LEVEL1- Digital marketing for the beginner: 

For the newbies, you get to learn all the basic concepts of digital marketing. This programme is a lot more informative, which is not limited to conventional lectures.

But; helps you to apply them in real life by accurately helping you in assignments. That gives you a better insight into the curriculum.


2LEVEL 2- Get Proficient In Digital Marketing:

Become a professional digital marketer, work on real marketing projects and become a certified specialist in marketing. 

It is the operational level of all your skills that you have learned in the entire process, and you get to know you to work as a digital marketing specialist.

In due process, this course gets you ready as a true professional having all the advance expertise required for working as a digital marketing professional.


3. LEVEL3 – Become An Expert!

For becoming an advanced marketing competent, get to learn the concepts and apply them in your field to rank among the top marketers. 

Acquire knowledge of the most advanced techniques and methodology of digital marketing.


Best Affordable Digital Marketing Course In India:


There are many digital marketing courses available;

that are offering different marketing tools, specialization in a particular field.

 But, that may not be of any use in the long run.

As their package may look attractive, but they are charging a lump sum amount which may put a long term burden on you.

And that too, with a minimal result at the end of all your hard work and efforts.

But, this isn’t the case with Ect as here the fees are set, at INR-21,186+GST(18%)= INR 24,999

Which are nominal fees; being charged as compared to other institution,

That too, with the benefit of paid internship and working experience with real clients. 

Isn’t that an unbelievable advantage of enrolling in this institution? Yes! It is as here you are paying a modest amount, which is quite affordable by many.


Speciality Of Ect:

If you want to get skilful in digital marketing or want to pursue any specific module from here; then, Ect offers you the best digital marketing course available in India.

It boosts your marketing knowledge to follow up in your career.

  • Learn Advance Digital Marketing: Get trained from the best digital marketing agency. It prepares you in becoming a proficient marketer.
  • Learn Advance SEO Techniques: Learn everything from the starting about all the advance Seo concepts
  •  and learn to rank websites in the top position of search engines. 
  • Become SMO Expert: develop the skill of engaging followers and clients on a different social media platform and become a pro-social media specialist.
  • Google Ads Specialist: Learn all the expertise of google ads and get maximum ROI on every ad. With that, earn google certification as well.
  • Affiliate Marketing Expert: Build a strong e-commerce business and generate traffic to thrive enhanced income through affiliate marketing. 
  • Advance Email Marketer: Become a certified email marketing professional, 

          and increase your engagement rate with your ideal clients. 





My Experience



Ease of learning






Value for money



My Final Thoughts:

From my own experience, I can conclude that this certification programme from Ect; is meant to cater professional know-how to its students.

It is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India;

 keeping into consideration all its programme and facilities. 

It believes in promoting unprecedented training experience and making the overall learning technicalities a smooth experience.

Develop exceptional knowledge and expand your technical aptitude in learning these advance expertise of marketing like SEO, SMO, PPC, Google and Facebook ads, Analytics and many more.

Within the 3months of duration, you get to acquire all the relevant skills, which any employer expects from professionals, and it will mark your presence in the world of Digital Marketing.

If you are searching for the best digital marketing course, which is government recognised and at an affordable rate? Then, Ect is the best option for you.

I had a great experience while learning from Ect; It enriched me with all the professional knowledge.

Which has infused confidence in me; to leave my 9-5 job and become a full- time freelance digital marketing consultant?

Not only this, it gave me the flexibility of timing and conditions of working according to my suitability.

But, you can also continue your specific job and still become a freelance digital marketer. Isn’t that wonderful?

It has world-class faculty, fully experienced and also with that you get constant help and guidance from the CEO himself,

whether it is online or offline sessions, the classes are always interactive, and you get to learn new concepts in every session.

Which is another great methodology adopted by the faculty for training.

Their way of teaching is what makes; the difference.

Who is helping you out in every process to evolve you as a professional marketer.

Learn by doing! You; get to complete certain assignments to cultivate your learning process and make you understand the digital concepts by making you apply the techniques.

Each module designed for the course is very comprehensive and covers the entire syllabus, and after going by each module, you get assignments to check your progress. 

At the end of the duration of the course, you get to work on live projects. That gives you significant; disclosure and experience in the field of digital marketing. 

It offers various paid internship programmes also, from my personal experience. I would highly recommend Ect to anyone who wants to become a digital marketing professional. 






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