Elegant Themes Review: The most Popular WordPress Theme

As we know, WordPress themes play a significant role in designing a high-end website. But, with that comes the obvious question about what kind of theme would suit your website.

 Will that be worthy enough to spend money on it?

Then, the answers to all your question are Elegant themes; Which ranks as the most popular word press theme.



What Is This Elegant Theme?

It is one of the Top- notch word press theme; recommended by users worldwide and word press experts.

Elegant themes were; designed by Nick Roach, which has flourished tremendously over the last 11 years.

It’s not only a theme articulated by a single company; It believes in working as a community from people contributing from across the globe.

They work in collaboration; to offer website users the best themes, services and plugins at an affordable price.

In the beginning, elegant themes used to deliver unique, ritzy quality services to its website users. Now, it is focusing on only two premium range themes- Divi and Extra.

With that guess what? To help you out in your designing plan and

 also to provide you with the best experience of professional designing.

They are coming with Three impressive Plugin.



3. Divi Builder.



All About Elegant Themes!

It is operating for 11years and has been used; by more than 60.0000 customers to date.

By having the Elegant theme, you get access to 87 WordPress theme and also some powerful plugins.

Recently it aims to establish its two most popular theme that is Divi and Extra. 

It comes with two incredible plugins; namely

 a)The Bloom email option form and

 b)The Monarch is a social media plug-in.

What’s so Unique? The WordPress page builder, That earlier made Divi themes the best website builder theme is now a self-supporting plugin in the name of Divi Builder.

Divi launched in 2013; Elegant themes are working; intending to establish Divi as one of the best word press theme.

These aren’t just themes; It is altogether a mechanism that enables you to get a different level of experience in designing your website at par, with the idea of giving you entirely; control over your website for custom- make purpose.

Now, let me give you few specifications about Elegant themes Divi, Extra and the three plugins.



What Makes Divi the Best Responsive Theme For Word press?

Divi is the pioneer of all the themes and is essentially multipurpose and; acclaimed as the best responsive theme for business and Blog.

You need not be an experienced web designer to create a professional-looking website; you also can build a website with fascinating graphics and catchy visuals.

Yes! You can do it If the Divi is there. It provides you with a set of beautifully crafted templates and designs, having a drag and drop option.

All you need to do is import any one of the Divi pack, which will initially get you started with the project.

The improvised Divi Builder will let you design your choice of theme through a user-friendly interface.

Now you can also create your custom designs like a pro.


Do you know what makes it so versatile?

 It comes packed with multiple features, which gives you a premium user experience.

It is needless to say, the Divi keeps on updating to its latest version and every time gets improvised to mark its no.1 position among its other competitive themes genres.

The most liked part of Divi thems is that they come in packages, yes you don’t need to look for products separately and at a much flexible price.

What can you expect from Elegant themes? 

It comes with a very responsive theme.

They use advance CSS ( cascading style sheets); Which displays Html content on different screens like tabs, desktops and mobile. And in its different variants like fonts, colours and graphics.


Features Offered By Divi Theme:

Divi is considered one of the best no code theme to build a client website.

You can apply this theme for your blogging purpose, launch your own e-commerce business. Or set up a small online business with the help of this multipurpose theme.

It comes with its stand-alone plug-in named Divi builder (with a drag and drop feature).

1. Exclusive Theme Building– Initially, when the elegant theme launched, it came with minimal prospects; Whereas before, it had Divi builder’s feature of drag and drop option to create your page layout designs or posts.

But now it has changed with the latest version of Divi 4.0,

You get to do live edit with the visual editor like the header, footer and choosing the template of your choice for page building, blog post and many more.

By having this characteristic, you can have control over every bit of custom option for your site.

With the Divi, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a professionally beautiful site. Even a newbie can now design a coherent professional looking site, incorporating all the relevant features.

so, here is what you can expect more from the Divi theme:

a) Its hover effect: It enables the user to create a convertible experience.

b) Normal setting control: Now, you can change the colour scheme; from that, you can select your layout, various social media icons. You get control over the basic functionality of the features.

c) Navigation Control: You get to set up and list your drop-down menu, insert or exclude pages, insert links and many more.

d) Page Building: You can do a lot of editing to enhance your page building criteria, maybe for posts or creating new pages.

e) Niche-Specific layout: You can arrange thumbnails, posts information section, and comments for different pages. It offers an outline; for every niche, It provides you with an unlimited template option.

f) Assimilation option: Now, you can integrate google analytics code, track your insights to observe your response, behaviour, conversions and sales etc.

g) Create Outstanding Blocks: With the application of different custom effects, you can transfer from block to content option without any difficulties.

h) Integration For Update: once you insert the API key of your elegant themes, you can easily update to the latest version.


2. Integrated SEO Optin:

As we know how crucial is SEO for website ranking, it’s relevance cannot be ignored.

SEO optimized theme is the key to the success of your website, which will decide its future. Hence elegant themes come with a built-in SEO.

With Divi; now you can optimize SEO individually, either for your homepage or post pages. These themes are adaptable with Yoast SEO and configured with all SEO packs.


3. Designed With Marketing Benefits:

Divi proves to be a boon for all web designers to enhance their marketing performances.

It appears with an unbelievable built-in email feature with a differentiated email option module for growing your email clients.

To increase email marketing services, it provides options like Mailchimp, Aweber to accelerate email campaigns.

When you use Divi’s split testing; it allows you to showcase your website to your ideal audiences,

 and give you insights that help to make better choices.


4. Best Customizable Website Theme:

DIVI BUILDER – Divi has launched its plugin with the name of Divi Builder; which is offered by the elegant themes community.

What does this plugin do?

It is a great mechanism to incorporate the page builder from the Divi themes, irrespective of whichever theme you are currently using. It just simply works with any WordPress Theme.

This plugin converts the page builder from elegant’s forerunner into a complete individual plugin,

which you can use even without installing the Divi theme.

This plugin; is installed in both Divi and Extra themes, and with the help of the WYSIWYG( what you see is what you get) interface to drag and drop option, you can create any website from its scratch.


5. DIVI Is One For All!


  • Great platform for freelancers: If you work as a freelancer; and want to create websites for your clients with great design at an affordable price, then Divi is definitely for you.
  • Boon for bloggers: If you want to start your career as a blogger, or you already work as a professional freelancer then, Divi is a must-try for you as it proves multiple options for customization.
  • Agencies or Website Owners: If you work as a team; then Divi gives you enough space to work in collaboration; with your workforce and create exceptional site either for your clients or to reflect your work.

    Even as an experience, or beginner website owner, you can strategically design your website to draw target clients to it.

  • For e-commerce & Online Business: If you are using woo-commerce for all your online activities, you can apply multiple modules offered by Divi.


Extra is another high-end theme released by the elegant themes community. It was crafted; with the idea of making it the best word press theme for magazine and blogging.

It shows an excellent performance in this regard and acknowledged as one of the most competitive themes that any web designer or site owner should consider.

The theme is crafted with much accuracy and gives importance to designing and appearance. The quality is of premium grade and that too at an affordable price range.

Its functionality is the real USP; You can immediately and smoothly craft your layouts and designs that are quite splendid.

Extra is the second most successful launch after its counterpart Divi.

What differentiates extra from Divi is that the Divi is a multipurpose theme, with which you can create almost any form of a website.

But, Extra narrows down your choices that are; specifically focused on magazine-style and blogging.

While focusing on the content and placing it in the Centre 

and making the navigation process a smoother experience.

This theme works wonders for broadcasting news rich contents.

Extra Themes and Designs are highly suited for creating your home page layout.

 It gives preferences to showcase your content which is one of the preferred options for blogging.

The best part is that it comes with Divi builder built-in, which means you don’t need any extra plugin to work. Isn’t that’s a great idea!

And having extra is simply an option for magazine sites, or online publication is real value for money.



Bloom is another powerful plugin, which comes with elegant theme products; It enables you to increase your email list with highly developed and responsive popups and opt-in forms.

The bloom plugin enables your customer visitors to sign up and register their email addresses.

It is a tremendous workable plug-in that makes you reach out to your ideal audiences/ client.

Even when they leave your site, it ensures to creates a bigger email list.

And let inform your subscribers know about upcoming sales or when you publish any new content.


Monarch is another wonderful social sharing plug-in. Now with the help of this tool, you can well arrange your social sharing tools. You get the option fo a sidebar hover, three different button shapes, and a button inline.

It enhances the insight alternative form; from that, you can monitor the statistics of activities like share, follow, importing data from one website to another can be done with much ease now.




  1. You get to create a beautiful, professional-looking website with much simplicity.
  2. With one time purchase of the entire pack, you get 86 plus themes. And many premium plugins.
  3. What makes it exceptional is that you don’t have to write a single code. You already get some amazing features with the drag and drop option that comes with Divi Builder, and using it makes you create any form of pages.
  4. It is Complete responsive themes, including effective plugins.
  5. Available at an affordable price, starting with $87/year.
  6. Elegant themes are the best WordPress corporate theme.


1. If you plan to transfer from one WordPress theme to another theme, everything gets gawky and leaving behind a lot of muddled up codes( like shortcodes).

2. It feels a bit confusing for a beginner, as you may need time to learn the bulk of features and codes etc.

3. Some more than needed features makes it cumbersome to handle it.

Is Elegant Theme Worthy Enough?

The elegant theme comes with an unlimited storage capacity which costs $89 per year; along with that, all you get is several website designs and some powerful plugins.

Whereas If you opt for one time/lifetime plan, that will cost $249 only. Isn’t it great?

That too; when you get exclusive divi, extra, and a few premium plugins for just $89 is indeed a great deal.

The plugins are the additional value-based product which, gives you just enough reason; why you should op for it over other cheaper themes.

In one time fee, if you get lifetime updates, then what more you can expect?

Not only that, in yearly activation, you get the power plugin like monarch and bloom; that you can apply to several websites.

In addition to this, you can even approach their community forum.

User Experience:


Ease Of Use








Value For Money

elegant themes

Concluding Thoughts


In my opinion, the Elegant Theme is a comprehensive package for any website owner or web designers; who wants to transform their site and want to give it a complete professional and brand new look with an attractive design.

If you are a blogger or website owner then, 

you must be knowing that the appearance of your site is the foremost thing your visitor would appreciate.

Even Google also gives preference to sites with top design quality, which enhances the loading time.

When you invest money in buying a site, you should also pay heed to invest some money in its design segment, just like choosing themes.

Many freelancers or bloggers find it tough to select the best theme for their site, which is niche-specific but, with elegant themes, you can solve this problem.

Many freelancers or bloggers find it tough to select the best quality theme for their site, which is of their niche-specific, but with elegant themes, you can solve this problem.

I went through many positive reviews about these themes,

 which are making me think about switching over to this exclusive theme.

One essential criterion of an elegant theme is its shifting focus to quality rather than quantity.

It has now cut-short your decision from several themes to only two main themes Divi and Extra along with, its superior, additionals divi builder, bloom and monarch.

Moreover, it fully SEO ready theme that will improve and enhance the quality of your website.

If I talk about; the price of this theme, It is placed at an unbelievable range and is economical for its users.

Overall, an elegant theme will change the outlook of your site. It is an innovation in the world of designs for the website, so switch over to it and experience the change.

That will help in conversion and get you more traffic for your website.









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