Review: Oziva Herbal Protein Powder For Women

Recently I have seen a lot of advertisement for Oziva, so thought about why not to give it a try.

Oziva herbs and protein is essentially a herbal nutritional supplement for women to maintain and nurture a healthy lifestyle. Unquestionably it is the best protein supplement for women.

Females health largely depends upon the amount of protein intake in her day to day life.

How? Proteins Are So Vital?

Protein is the macronutrient providing the critical elements for tissue repair, developing lean muscles, glowing skin, hair growth and stronger nails.

 But; do you know? While we grow with age and enter our 30’s the consumption of protein becomes imperative in our lifestyle.

The bones start losing their density, which comes with the ageing process.

Do Women Need A Protein Supplement?

Well, If you are a fitness freak person who hit the gym quite frequently, then; Oziva is the best protein powder for women.

Although there is a common belief that men require protein supplements for bodybuilding and, strength; but women even need more amount of protein.

As women, we face numerous challenges in our day to day chaotic life;
whether doing outdoor activities or indoor domestic chores.

We, women, tend to overlook the necessity of taking the right amount of protein; or may get apprehensive about choosing the accurate protein powder, keeping in mind our health requirement.

Natural Elixir For Women Who Wants To Lose Weight: 

If you are struggling to lose those extra pounds or gain muscle mass or want to grow your muscle strength? Then, Oziva is undoubtedly the best option for you.

The right amount of protein requirement largely depends upon your goal as well as your age factor.

An older adult may require less amount of protein as compared to women who are looking for a supplement with an exercise routine.

Oziva protein powder is specifically designed; by keeping in mind the various health requirements of women.

Do you worry about the side effects? If yes, then you need not worry any more.

 Protein conjunction with natural herbs serves as efficacious means for women; who aspire to lose those excess fats and saggy skin.

 Not only that, it will aid in rejuvenating the strength and toning up of muscles.

It is seen; as an organic source of protein supplement for women.

All The Buzz About Oziva!

Oziva is the leading protein powder brand in India, infused with ayurvedic ingredients accompanied by modern scientific research.

 The Five constituents concoction that works towards a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle are:

1. Improves metabolism: Guduchi, cinnamon and green tea extracts.

 2. Enhancing agents for hormonal balance: Shatavari acts as a cooling and calming element to augment digestive and reproductive health.

 3. Skin and Hair Replenishing: It contains biotin, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B

 4. Bettering Digestive Health: It consists of bromelain and papain

 5. Pure whey protein: It is having cold-pressed whey isolate as the primary ingredient.

Detail description of its magical elements:

-Shatavari: It sourced from the asparagus race moss plant ( meaning having many roots) seen as a natural remedy used in ayurvedic science.

 It is having estrogen properties which help in regulating PCOS problem, reduces bloating and enhances fertility health. 

Further maintains blood sugar level and decreases oxidative stress.

 It sharpens memory and acts as an immunity booster.

-Curcumin: It works as an immunity booster by keeping away harmful germs and bacteria.

-Guduchi: Also known as Giloy, It consists of various anti-ageing properties, improvises hormonal imbalances and helps in relieving urinary tract infection.

-Green Tea Extract: It has vitamin E, also a good source for detoxifying.

– Flaxseed: They are rich in fibre and considered a significant source of omega-3 fatty acid.

-Blend of relevant Vitamins and Minerals: Found in Biotin (vitamin B supports healthy hair and nails), vitamin D and Iron.

– Bromelain: It is an enzyme found in pineapple; it is taken as a digestive agent, works well for osteoarthritis and helps in decreasing the soreness of muscles.

-Papain: It cures pain and swelling, also benefits in treating allergies, which sources from papaya and pineapple.

-BCAA: It does contain BCAA( branch chain amino acids) that helps in muscle and tissue repair and growth. It gives 6.5gms of BCAA per serving. 

-Alkalized Cocoa Powder: There are two different variants of cocoa one is natural cocoa; the other one is Alkalized cocoa.

 Alkalized cocoa is an unsweetened one whose pH level gets nullified, making it less acidic and darker. 



What Made Me buy this product?

Being a fitness freak managing the weight has always been my concern. Following this, I adhered to a strict diet like keto, calorie deficit, and sometimes even a crash diet.

But all at the cost of skipping my favourite food, and even after reaching my desired weight, I tend to feel fatigued or felt that something was missing out from my diet.

I always stayed uptight; for taking any protein supplement, then I saw in an advertisement of this natural whey protein, which is entirely ayurvedic in its approach.

As it is having the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, formulated with keeping in mind the protein needs of women that will suit this modern lifestyle.

I got the chocolate flavour one, which indeed is superb in taste.

I take it as after workout supplement; after completion of my training. 

It is the first pack of the product I am using; in my opinion, I can say that it is one of the best workout supplement for women.

From the point of view of money, it is priced at MRP: Rs/- 1,699. But I got it from Amazon at Rs. 1,449-/ (for 500g) in India, which is a good deal!

What makes Oziva so unique?

The first question which may trigger in your mind is, should Oziva; be the first choice out of other protein powders available in the market, that too at a lower price than oziva?

Then think again! What makes Oziva so significant is its all-natural whey protein. Which is one of the purest forms you will get.

It consists of cold-pressed whey, the unique combination of whey protein concentrate and cross-flow filtered whey.

 That never got exposed to a high temperature, which makes; the product worthy of being ranked number one in the market.

Let me clear, That having the whey protein would not automatically let you shed those extra kilos,

 but will make you work harder to achieve your goals and will help you in building muscles.

  • Make The Choicest Decision! By choosing the best protein supplement for women.

You must be wondering what makes this premium brand worthy of outstanding its other competitors in the market?

 The best part is that Oziva natural whey protein does not come with fillers, which you might see in some well known high-end brands and has high claims. 

 Whereas Oziva is packed; with only ayurvedic components without losing its innate properties, 

and it serves the purpose of fulfilling your protein requirement.

One of the exclusive features of this brand is that it comes with diet consultancy, yes! You heard it right.

     You can get free consultancy from the number given in this product, in which the nutritionist will provide you with a personalized diet plan, keeping in view your health condition.

 In this, the nutritionist will monitor your eating pattern and guide you in your progress.

 That will help you in maintaining a disciplined and healthy lifestyle.







  • The Product seems to be bit pricy.
  • It may not suit everyone.
  • You may not like the taste.
  • It may not be recommended for people on Keto diet, as carbohydrate percentage is high.



Packaging :

It comes in a white coloured jar, where on the top brand name is mentioned. Below that product name and description is presented in beautiful graphics. The jar’s flat opening makes it easy to take out your scoop.

 With that comes a scoop of 30gms, the product stuffed in an airtight packet inside it.

 Moreover, all ingredients are well-written at the back of this jar. 

  The overall presentation of this protein box is quite impressive and easily understandable by all.

How to consume it?

Normal method 1. Add one scoop of powder in 200ml of water/milk.

                             2. Mix with a blender or shake it; to prevent any lumps, and enjoy your drink.


Can be used in milkshake: 1. In one glass of milk/water, add one small banana, one scoop of oziva powder, half a tables spoon of honey.

                                                 2. Mix it in a blender, pour it in a glass and garnish with some almonds or chia seeds.

How Oziva helped me to maintain overall wellness?

I drink this protein shake after completing my workout, as it is advisable to have this as an after workout supplement.

It aids in relaxing the sore muscles and keeps you energized all day long. So, gradually you will see a reduction in body fat percentage.

It is a boon for those who aim to lose weight faster and in a healthier manner. I saw the following results after using this product:

  1. I lost in inches
  2. Now, I feel less fatigue
  3. Even after doing a high intensive workout, I feel less tired.
  4. It satiates the urge of binge eating
  5. My overall skin tone improved, having fewer blemishes, skin looks more radiant
  6. It has enriched my hair texture.
  7. My sleep pattern got better.
  8. Boost my immunity power.




Value For Money


Final Verdict:

The Oziva herbs and protein for women is the best vegan protein powder for women. It is an absolute herbal protein supplement.

As; composed of all-natural ingredients like Shatavari, Tulsi, green tea, flaxseeds that will have no side effect on your health.

I would urge you to try this product and see the changes by yourself.

Specifically; to those women who suffer from hormonal imbalance or finding it hard to lose weight. 

 This product believes in providing a completely holistic approach toward wellness and lifestyle transformation. 

 The best part about this product is that its source of protein is entirely plant-based. It completely conforms to its values of providing the best source of protein. 

In my personal opinion, if you are a fitness freak and looking for an after workout supplement; by keeping in mind its organic nature and fundamental ingredients, then Oziva is one answer to all questions.

The fact I liked the most is that it is completely sugar-free. I use the chocolate flavour, which smells like chocolate but has only naturally occurring sugar.

Oziva undoubtedly; is the only product that sources from all-natural components. 

 It works not only for your muscles, but its herbs give you overall benefit and work wonders for your hair growth, skin and nails, metabolism and digestion.

 I am a satisfied customer, overwhelmed by its outreached services and will buy this in future also.
 Oziva is simply the best protein powder I have ever come across.

Then what are you waiting for, girl? Just go and grab this product!

Warning: If you already have any health issues, please consult your doctor or dietician before buying this product, as it may not suit everyone.

Oziva Herbs and Protein

  Available at Rs- 1,449/- (500g)

Celebrate Health, Get Oziva!

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