Should Alcohol Usage Be Controlled?


The term alcoholism based on alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction. Which termed as an alcohol use disorder. ( Burkey Darley, Aug 23, 2017)

It happens when people get into binge drinking. In recent times; the consumption level of alcohol has increased. Due to social influence, peer pressure, cultural influence or just a habit. 

Alcoholism is a pleasurable feeling or temporary happiness. People with such disorders include themselves with this addiction, drinking to prevent withdrawal symptoms which could be fatal.

But if consumed in moderation, it has shown few benefits attached to having a glass of wine.

One of the major risks of alcoholism is seen in drinking disorders; threatening the lives of both themselves and others.

As a pattern, alcoholic abusers may have to undergo several legal and financial problems like that of in the situation of drink and driving. Which may result in repetitive arrests. ( Roy Lipi, sep30, 2018)

 Driving in an intoxicated condition is a serious crime; it is referred to as driving under the influence(DUI).

 Even a small quantity of alcohol in the bloodstream affects the ability to focus, taking quick action, blurred vision, which increases the risks of accidents. 

In the year 2014, around 10,000 Americans were killed, in alcohol rash driving incidents. It occupied nearly one- third of all traffic-related deaths. Even more than 1.1 million drivers got arrested due to driving in intoxicated condition or narcotics in 2014. (Galbicsek carol, July 24, 2019)

Alcoholism is related to genetics, psychological, physiological and social factors which play a vital role. Some psychological factors are; failed relationships, anxiety and stress.

Social and environmental factors also play a prominent role like easy availability of alcohol, peer pressure, poverty or sexual abuse.

In the short run, the effects of alcoholism are temporary memory loss, hangovers, dizziness, blackouts etc.

Whereas in the long run, people with heavy drinking may encounter cirrhosis of the liver, breast cancer etc. Binge drinking increases the chances of accidents, homicide and suicides. 

Men are at a higher risk of addiction as compared to women. (American psychological association, 2018)


Alcohol, if consumed in moderation; may have a positive cardiovascular effect. 

It is an age-old belief; that consumption of alcohol or wine might prevent infections or provide a remedy for diseases like tuberculosis. 

Nationwide organizations provide rules for the right amount of consumption of alcohol. One of them is the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism(NIAA). 
It states that men can have four drinks per day, and women can have three drinks a day; a total of 7% a week. 

Those with regular consumption of a glass of wine are relatively at lesser risk than people who consume alcohol on weekends, as the latter may indulge in binge drinking. 

Some do believe that champagne and sparkling wine can contribute to sharpening memory and slowing the ageing process. ( bell, kate kelly Sep 3, 2013). 

However, with the help of psychologists alcohol dependency can be overcome. They help to motivate the drinkers to give up their drinking habits by using various therapies in their treatment. 

It is not about prohibiting oneself from having alcohol, but it is about having it in the right way, or moderate quantity. 

Wine industry indeed is playing a crucial role in this aspect. Like on what occasion, where and when to consume.

Therefore, in recent times many alcohol-producing companies or wine industries are trying to make their consumers more vigilant to use their product wisely and safely. 

In this era, the government plays a prominent and active role in promoting awareness; regarding the public education campaign that makes consumers aware of the negative consequences of alcohol consumption. (American psychological association,2018)

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