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Coffee has become an integral part of our culture and life, from kick-starting your morning by having a cup of coffee in your hand to spending your lazy evenings, we cannot think of living without this beverage.

The first name which strikes our mind is that of Starbucks.

So what is this brand’s secret?

Starbucks is one of the leading and most prestigious coffee shop, among all the coffee houses, Starbucks still reigns the top position as it is considered exceptional and the King of all the brewing companies.

Following an unprecedented choice of marketing, as stated by Howard Schultz(CEO of Starbucks) that this coffee house is viewed, as the third place between home and workplace, which comes up as as a platform to connect people.

He further believes that Starbucks is not merely a coffee house; it has transformed into a social hub.

From holding official meetings; to becoming a dating spot, or place to spend some solitude time to relax that too at a reasonable price.

Schultz believes that even after facing a lot of downfalls, this coffee company have not lost its worth.


Everything that we do, He further adds, is imbibed in the essence of humanity”.


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As we know that taste and aroma of coffee of this Seattle based company is unusually different from its competitors like MacDonald’s or Dunkin doughnuts.

The Arabic coffee beans taste strong and are on the bitter side; the coffee beans are selected from the farms of Latin America, Africa and Asia to maintain its finest quality and standard.

Then these beans are roasted in high temperature to bring the rich aroma and exotic flavor.

Their mission is to amplify the notion of one person, one cup and one neighbourhood.

They have the visual acuity; regarding, needs and choices of their consumers. In terms of varieties, they have expanded the range with high-quality brewing experience.

The Hot coffees: ranging from brewed coffees of blonde, roast, café misto, pike place, expresso shots.

They too have Lattes, Mochas, Frappuccino, pumpkin spice, salted caramel, strawberry and Matcha and what not the list seems never-ending.

For sides, they have bakery options as well to satiate your appetites like doughnuts, sandwiches or pastries.


If if you become its reward member, you may earn loyalty cards, a complimentary birthday treat, hot cup refill order, further its marketing techniques let you earn more vouchers and goodies.

They are applying remarkable marketing technique further enhances its brand value and makes it achieve the loyalty of its target audiences.

RTD( ready to drink) coffees are their unique innovations: they are offering coffees in bottles which you can carry with your self, these bottles are readily available in local grocery shops, restaurant, airports, which marks their presence in every area.


Its atmosphere is what keeps its brand value at par excellence!

Ever wondered what makes Starbucks so popular?

Yes, you might have guessed it right. Once you enter this place, you get acquainted with its warm surrounding, the staff taking care of your choices, and preferences with utmost attentiveness and priority.

It has phenomenal customer services which live up to its, brands promise.

Its cozy atmosphere, popularity and magnificence lie in its affordable quality, consistency and reachability. All these factors contribute to achieving high loyalty clients and makes people coming back to it.

It has gained immense success in bringing forth a homely atmosphere, which makes it stand out in the competition.


I know many might be thinking that Starbucks is slightly on the costlier side as compared to its competitor like Dunkin.

It may be seen, as the Modest luxury but, if we compare it on a wide range of services, then its price is well placed in the market. From their great magnitude of beverages, few of their swanky drinks are on higher price range.

But, if you opt for expresso and cappuccino or American brew (the classic coffee ranges), they are quite reasonably charged.

The taste of coffee; whether you are in New York or India is comparatively the same and fulfils its brand claim.


The Green Mermaid has an edge, over its competitors in creativity and technique of getting familiar with their target customers.

As you enter the barista and place an order, the staff write your name on the cup of coffee, that eventually is the beginning of a connection between you and the Starbucks.

Its believed, Starbucks style of writing the names is an unbelievable marketing move.

Starbucks often thrusts on innovations and connectedness; it had the new intention of using AI to offer drinks and foods of customers preferences and habits following time and date.


I am awestruck, with this coffee giant, I feel that its coffee tastes quite good but not the best out of all.

But unequivocally there are few remarkable milestones which Starbucks has able to achieve over the years.

No matter how many coffee brands come up at the market, Starbucks is superior to all. The three dominant areas in which they work are its products, places and customers.

From the very beginning, it worked with the motto of global expansion; you can feel the presence of this coffee house almost everywhere.

It has a strong café vibe: a place coffee could converge and give you an overall rich experience.

For coffee-aficionados, this is a cup of the most refined and best luxury coffee brand.

How can someone not talk about its most fascinating logo of a green mermaid showcasing its expansion in products and services?
It looks very appealing and receptive to its diverse range of customers from all over the world.

One thing which I believe may become a stumbling block in maintaining its position is on its price fixation.

It may continue to have its loyal clients due to its brand name but may get it tough to survive in a cut-through competition to indulge new customers. To some point, its growth is getting compromised over its value.

Overall it has done a commendable job by enriching the Italian coffee experience among American market and maintained its ostentatious standard.

Even the Indian market has not remained untouched from its presence, it has equally set the standards of perfection and has burgeoned as the leading coffee houses.








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