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Our society has constructed misconception regarding fitness and looks, from the societal point of view if you are slim or have a chiseled physique then only you look desirable, and the society accepts you.

All such negative connotations embedded in our values that,

we forget our views are becoming an impediment upon the mental well being of an individual, which may hinder self-confidence and make someone feel dejected.

The big secret in life is that there is no secret whatever goal you set, you can achieve that if you are willing to work for it. — Oprah Winfrey

If we look at the bigger picture of fitness or being healthy, nowadays everyone is rushing towards looking desirable or knowing the secret of being fit.

How soon; I will start getting results? Or how fast I can get slim?

We tend to have these sort of questions when we start working on our body.

Well, there is no reasonable answer to such questions, there is nothing as such called instant result; so train hard, with good diet but do not neglect your mental well being as well.

We generally fail to understand that fitness is not the final destination, but also it is a life long acted journey.

In fact, in the beginning, your journey may seem to be a bit sluggish, because we may feel that we are not progressing in our goal at all this negative image of ourselves takes place because we tend to grow up with a distorted image of fitness.

Our body is the result of how we utilize it.

Generally, we tend to follow or compare those photos of models in magazines or online and tend to ignore the fact that many of those are maybe unrealistic, as they may be spending hours in gyms or its merely their profession to look good and perfect.

But, in reality, this is not a perfect example of a healthy lifestyle neither practical but; for commoners, it might become an impossible task to maintain it with their office, work or home.


Yes, first of all, stop imitating others, everyone has a different body type and, in generality, people have a different perception of fitness.

If you have embarked upon your journey of becoming a better version of yourself, then it will help you to challenge your limitations.
And while working on your weaker side, it will help you in attaining positive self-image.

But if set your goals to look like that of models or actors then it may make you indulge in unhealthy and unrealistic goals which may eventually make you quit your journey towards fitness or may disrupt your self-esteem.


Do you weigh yourself too often, to see your results? Or looking at the mirror get you in self-criticizing mode?

Then please start shifting your look outward to look inward strategy, yes you read it right. It all starts with your mind, so by shuffling these accustomed practices, you will augment a more peaceful mind.

You can do this by engaging yourself in meditation, yoga or gymming to stay calm and attain fortitude.

So, let me tell you, at times even after knowing the truth,
that our body will not transform overnight, our mind is structured in such a pattern that we crave for a radical change in a short period, and if we do not get that, we become carping and start over-analyzing about every outcome.

Stop overburdening your mind for hitting a large target, which might be beyond your capacity.

Keep the process simple, and don’t be harsh on yourself, rather have a kind and sympathetic approach.

If you can instil these virtues of patience and consistency, you will sooner or later move a step closer to your goal.


It is said; that a fit body develops with a fitter mind, the real fitness encompasses energy, focus, stability and sustainability.

A healthy mind and a healthy body reciprocate each other; it is not about how much time you spend in your gym session, rather the qualitative time that you are willing to give to your body.

So, for building a fabulous physique will make you invest your time not only in months but maybe in years, by following the right exercises and planning your diet.

Take enough time to prepare your meals and timing of having the meals plays a vital role. Don’t skip meals but improve it judiciously.


I believe that emphasis should be on attaining good health and wellness than rushing for unrealistic goals.

The real fitness in its true essence isn’t just about being disease-free or having those bulky muscles or zero figure, but to aim for attaining a more pragmatic and holistic approach of fitness in its entirety.

By holistic, I mean that our mental, physical, and emotional wellness; are well synced and balanced. The real luxury of life is to connect the three areas.

It will start from feeling good about accomplishing small targets initially, then rewarding yourself like having a treat or piece of cake anything that makes you happy.

Indulging in a complete lifestyle change is imperative, like having a proper diet, having a good sleep and a positive mindset.

Our questions should change from “when I will get slim? To ‘how I will attain a healthy lifestyle?” how I can eat healthily and make it a habit?

It is crucial in this time that we rejuvenate our ideas of eating clean, exercise and pledge for an aesthetic life, while meditation and feeling grateful in life will help to develop a healthy mind towards a fitter body.



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