In recent times the vegan way of life has soared in popularity both amongst the common public and elite group whether sportsman or celebrities all thriving on it.

Though many tend to get confused with veganism and that of vegetarianism, vegan isn’t just a diet rather it focuses on a broader perspective which can be seen as a complete lifestyle change, primarily excluding dairy products, meat, eggs and honey. Veganism relies completely on a plant-based diet, without compromising on the vital nutrients as it claims. It is somewhat can be seen as a restricted diet and a step ahead than a vegetarian.

On the other hand, the vegetarian diet is quite flexible, it does include dairy and eggs but excludes meat, poultry and fish.

Are u struggling to lose weight since long and want to gain muscle mass or get that perfect body type? Well, then many see veganism as the most appropriate answer.


Though it has become quite popular in American culture and even in the U.K there is a fourfold increase in vegans over the past 5yrs, but in a country like India, it is a completely a new concept.

A country that mainly includes dairy products, and indulges in many animals produced luxuries; I wonder how veganism can establish in its true sense? India, being one of the largest milk-producing countries, largely depends upon the dairy products which are an essential part of Indian dietary, comprising both rural and urban areas. I believe milk, butter or ghee are ubiquitous and integrated with our culture.
Veganism isn’t just a diet pattern rather its something beyond it, impacting an overall lifestyle shift.

Although transforming into a vegan has its own merits, it is believed that having whole food is better than having preservative contained and processed food. It has proved helpful in combating many life long severe diseases, like cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Making a slight change in the thinking process and indulging self into a better eating habit can bring a positive lifestyle change.

Our human body is made up of protein whether, it’s our skin, nails, hair our cell or muscle formation, you need a decent amount of protein quite regularly if you are engaging in any sort of workout or physical activities.

Then here’s the great news!

For the intake of protein in your diet, you don’t need to stay dependent upon animal’s meat, even by staying on a plant-based diet you can fulfil your protein requirement, that’s right we can get all the necessary protein by being on a vegan diet too.

‘It is commonly believed that you are what you eat’, it is, however, being blindly believed that protein is the main source of macronutrients, well in the vegan diet where can we get it from? the fact remains that the maximum of proteins is made up of plants only, we can have the benefits of having protein even by staying on a plant-based diet like lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, quinoa and tofu but some may lack in amino acids.

Does being completely on a vegan diet, is that advisable?

There is nothing called a ‘perfect diet’ exist and is not necessarily will suit everyone’s health, despite having some advantages of veganism it may lead to depression and other mental illness. As some may see it as a threat to intelligence or limiting the functioning of the brain, therefore, to perform at its optimum level human brain needs fats, amino acids, omega 3, vitamins and minerals which we get easily and enormously from an animal diet.
Whereas, getting completely devoid of animal-based diet may weaken the development of brain tissues and may damage the nervous system.


More often than not, we get to hear about what is required to cut out from a diet is to be included in criteria and less of what needed to be followed.
Another factor which is incorporated in limitation of veganism can be seen in iron deficiency, we can get iron from lots of plant-based meals but we are likely to utilise it less efficiently.

Another fundamental component is Vitamin D which is required for healthy bones, muscle formation, and teeth. Nowadays while we are staying indoors and there is not enough sunlight, we need to compensate that through a Vitamin D rich diet plan which is particularly missing from a vegan diet.
Most people as an alternative, starting to rely upon supplements to meet the requirements for our overall functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system.

We need fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6 as they are responsible for the structural functioning of our brain and blood flow, which sources from fish, meat or eggs. As in a vegan diet, it can be consumed from algae oil supplements which can’t be ignored.

Usually, these processed food or supplements are not acceptable by vegans but they are irreplaceable to avoid any deficiencies, whether you follow a vegan diet or not these vital supplements are necessary to maintain a balanced physical as well as mental health. Whereas plant-based diet excludes this and they overlook the importance of dairy products.

Though some believe that being a vegetarian or vegan is one of the healthiest option ever for the betterment of the ecosystem, but it can turn around to be an opposite situation. Relying on a plant-based diet is not entirely bad, but people don’t possess enough knowledge to practically utilise its benefits, even being on a vegan diet it is advisable to track the calorie intake.

Another vital vitamin is zinc which helps in collagen formation, DNA and acts as an immunity booster so whole grain, nuts are a great option for vegans but it gets harder for the human body to absorb it.

Like to have cheat meals while on a vegan diet? well, if you think everything going vegan is healthy, stop and think twice.

If you prefer to have vegan cookies, ice creams and candies, which might seem to a healthy alternative but if you overeat high fat and processed food, you might end up gaining weight and additional health issues, which would do more harm than a normal diet.

It is prudent to combine the two lifestyle diet which means to adopt a ‘Flexitarian Diet’ as this form of eating habit would give one enough space to include their favourite items in a meal without hampering the diet plan. So if you have an intermittent longing, even with including a small meal of meat won’t throw you out of your diet routine, it works on calorie intake and proportional eating. Therefore, It is all about the art of balancing one needs to learn rather than sticking to any fashionable diet.



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