Faith and attainment of peace: in the midst of chaos

As the world is facing a period of uncertainty and chaos all around. There is a need to affirm faith and attain peace to deal with the situation of disturbances.

It can be seen that in such situation faith can be tough to maintain when it threatens the normal life situation.

Most of the time it is then asked that what can be done in such a situation?

Building hope is the only way out! To affirm the belief that there is some universal power to take care of everything when things fall apart.

Sometimes this belief is seen in the name of God amid this time of confusion and unpredictability. We need to shift our focus on the real essence of life, rather than running towards worldly attachments.

A single life-altering event is enough to make you realize, what is missing from your life.

Responding to Gods will — God has created us as rational individuals. At this time we need to accept the reality as it is, it may have God’s will in that and Our life revolves around the extenuating plan.

We tend to question creators wisdom and affection for us — as individuals, we don’t adapt to any form of change into our life. We may not understand the long term vision the universe has thought for us, it may not seem fair but god knows what he’s doing.

Then how to handle this inner chaos or uncertainty prevailing in our minds?

I think the answer is simple yet difficult to attain it can be seen by-

Spiritual enlightenment:
By developing rationality to comprehend the things going around us in a much better way. It is simply a technique to arouse one’s spiritual consciousness, to attain it one has to excel their mind.

It can be practised by embracing all the fears and detaching self from all the worldly things, which magnifies one’s spiritual wisdom.

Attaining inner peace:
The mind is the key instrument to control our thinking process, for that it is needed to dwell upon positive thoughts and thoughtful thinking pattern.

It is important to silence the chaos going inside your mind. You need to train your mind in a way to select which thought to ignore and on which to emphasis. And thinking over one thing at a time.

Self- Discipline and Realizations:
Self — discipline and realization of inner self are powerful tools that provide inner strength. By realizing that whichever energy you focus on will determine its outcome.

During this time of uncertainty, it is urged to shift the focus on self-care, improvisation and emotional detachment from materialistic things.

It is a way of relaxing the body and soul to attain peace by reducing anxiety and worry. It leads to self-introspection and helps in attaining a sense of higher awareness.
It paves the path for spiritual inclination and attainment of the higher self.

In the period of chaos and complexity, it is desired to reconnect with God, there comes a moment when you just need to stop hustling in day to day chaos and just take a pause and breathe.

By following this life feels much sustained, less hectic and more meaningful. You feel a positive aura around you and feel stress-free to deal with outer disturbances around you more vigilantly and rationally.

The need of the hour calls for amalgamation of spirituality with rationality to cope up with any form of entropy.




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