5 Ways how health and fitness illuminate positive mind:

Fitness in its true sense is more than just physical appearance or wellbeing. It is the personification of the whole active self. Many times you may ask the question to yourself, when will I achieve the required goal? This may incorporate multiple things from reducing weight, gaining muscles, or even looking good.

So there is just a simple formula to that to get the answer. “you may need to make some desired changes in lifestyle to see radical transformation in your body”

It is believed that whatever thing we give energy to we become that. Our physical fitness refers not only to keep our body fit but also to keep the mind in a positive state so that it can operate at its best. But that doesn’t equivalents to dieting or doing a high intensive workout, rather it is all about eating the right food in the right proportion and staying active.

A healthy lifestyle and positive mindset influence each other in a more direct sense, likewise, positive thinking means dealing with life’s hurdles with a positive vision. Being positive makes you feel happier, healthier more attractive and perhaps bring more contentment too. You become less complaining in life, which gives you a higher range of motivation and improves your overall performances.

We have heard it many times that our mental health is directly correlated with our physical well being. Don’t let your laid — back attitude drag you back, with inculcating exercise as an essential habit, you may make a move towards a happier and positive life.

  1. Kick start’s your morning:

    Exercising may brighten up your day by simply developing a morning habit, if you like to meditate or love to do yoga, maybe just for 30 min daily that too will surely going to bring some effective results in your life.
    Hitting the gym every time is not necessary but engaging yourself in any form of activity is needed, it may include doing simple exercises or just cleaning your house, anything which makes you feel pumped up with energy.
    Including a meaningful ritual in your morning helps you to start your day on a positive note.

2. Indulges one in self-discipline:

Getting involved in exercising takes care of your ‘mind fitness’ as well as physical fitness. Working out regularly has direct connectivity with improving your cognitive skills.

Well if you ask, how it will happen all of a sudden? Wait that’s not magic, you can inculcate such traits by focusing on ‘good habits’. Whether it can be seen in terms of following a clean diet, fixing workout routines, or changing the pattern of self-perception, emphasis healthy and disease-free life.

Exercising is seen as an effective method to enhance immunity and a way to build stronger endurance. It is great effectual for stress buster or reducing anxiety or depression. In such a situation, one makes a choice not out of impulses but gets more clarity in taking rational and informed decisions.

3. Makes you introspect in self-care regime :

Taking out time for yourself is not a bad idea at all! Engaging oneself in exercising helps in self-evaluation or introspection which in turn increases mental focus. Exercising cuts out the guilt of prioritizing yourself.
Some may think that keeping yourself first is a selfish act, but what if I bring it to your notice that it is the most selfless act of connecting to yourself? Yes, it helps to uplift your mood, mental wellness and higher self- esteem.

Do the things which make you feel good, like preparing your healthy breakfast? Or setting up a goal, achieving such things will boost your confidence. Self-care here becomes a key to improve relations with oneself.

4. Brings in Psychological amelioration:

various studies have shown that keeping ourselves busy in some sort of activities or workout improves cardiovascular health, improves high blood pressure, helps in weight management.

It improves our stress level when stress increases, it triggers “flight or fight mode” exercises monitors the brain to develop higher resilience to stress.
It has also been seen that various high-intensity workouts bring greater results with a greater amount of psychological betterment.
It brings required change in behavioural pattern and makes you perceive life in a more novel and constructive way.

5. Helps in Attaining greater self-awareness:

Indulging oneself in exercising is seen as stress relief, pain relief, and therapeutic way of life. People get aware of their surrounding, start finding happiness within rather than searching it outside.
as with the changing time, people are becoming more aware and realizing the need to stay fit.

It is not at all a productive idea to watch T.V by sitting on your sofa, people nowadays are using hi-tech smart bands, which notifies them if they spending more time relaxing and doing nothing.
especially during this lockdown time, it is crucial to be vigilant about your fitness, sitting for long hours can weaken your muscles, add to your weight problem, making the body stiff and rigid.
Due to lockdown, as we cannot step out of our home to exercise, it is needed to keep moving and keeping ourselves occupied in some form of activities.
with the increasing amount of awareness and people becoming more conscious about their fitness, they are taking greater interest to follow a healthier lifestyle.

Lastly, it can be seen that with staying fit, the fitness of mind is also essential, for our overall performances, like starting with simple things of sleeping at the right time. That can be attained more by practice by utilizing the body and mind more innovatively and purposefully, which in long run will build an emotional connectedness with a much positive version of ourselves.

Hence this idea of staying active recreates our abilities to overcome our limits and initiate self-control and efficaciousness, bringing forth an all-new and effective form of self-enhancement.



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